First of all, if you are any kind of Vietnam Vet and reading this page, Welcome Home!

My dad, Jerry Hogan, has forgotten the names of some of the people in the photos on this site. I am sure some of them have forgotten his name too. The Vietnam War was over 35 years ago and for these guys it’s another place and another time but something they’ll always live with. For many vets like my dad and the vets in these photos - Vietnam is a place they visit daily in their memories. If they don’t think about it then they have dreams about it. Something like war, especially the kind of war these guys fought just changes people.  You see, this unit, depicted in these photos was the 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division ... one of the most highly decorated units during the Vietnam War. This was the unit depicted in Apocalypse Now. While college students were protesting at Kent State in 1970 this unit and my father were in Cambodia. I’ve been told that ten percent of those who went to Vietnam saw combat and even fewer saw combat nearly everyday like these guys often did. Some of the guys in these photos are dead ... at least one guy depicted here was KIA in Nam. Some other guys have died of cancer because they were exposed to Agent Orange. Sometimes it seems these guys are mostly forgotten by the county they were told to defend. They have not been forgotten as you can see here. That’s what this site is about ... reconnecting my dad with these guys and also finding them so I can document their stories.

Photos from Vietnam